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4 Continents and a Wedding!

We're off on our next adventure - four continents with a wedding in the middle.  In July, we began our journey in Croatia with our boys (and Patrick's GF Skylar) as well as our dog Bear.  From there, we will see several other Balkan countries and then head further north in Europe.  After a quick trip back to the west coast for a wedding and to drop off Bear, we'll head back out to Africa to teach in Tanzania for a few weeks, along with a safari in Rwanda.  After Africa, we will head to India for a month touring around India - starting in Mumbai for a few days, north to New Delhi then working our way south to the tip.  Last, we'll keep going east to Asia - Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and ending in Singapore.  Finally back home for Christmas - or that's the plan for now.  A fun adventure for sure!

While we love to explore, one of the downsides is not staying in touch with our friends and family as much – we hope this blog helps keep us connected.  We love to hear from you as we travel either about our trip or what’s going on with you – please stay in touch!  We’re looking forward to a fun time and we hope you all enjoy the pictures and the stories as well.  

Mark & Betsey

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